Amada Laser Welder

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  • Amada Laser Welder

Amada Laser Welder


The Amada Laser Welder is used in spot welding of stainless steel meshes. It is also used to seam weld stainless steel. There are various laser welder models available.

 The Fiber laser welder is used in high-speed seam welding of materials such as thin films and metal plates. The YAG laser welder is used in high-speed spot welding. It enables using multiple weld schedules. Welding of various materials is possible. YAG SHG laser welder is used to weld materials such as copper and gold. It can be used with YAG laser welders for hybrid welding. LD Direct laser welder is used in spot welding and soldering of plastics. The Handheld laser welder is a very easy to use welding system. The Laser inline monitor is used to monitor laser power and laser beam. It helps in maintaining good quality of welding.

Miyachi provides system solutions utilizing its laser technologies and fine spot welding (resistance welding) technologies

Laser Welder

  • Fiber laser welder
  • YAG laser welder
  • YAG SHG laser welder
  • LD direct laser welder
  • Handheld laser welder
  • Laser inline monitor

Laser Marker

  • Fiber laser marker
  • YVO4 laser marker
  • YVO4 twin beam laser marker
  • YAG laser marker
  • YVO4 SHG laser marker
  • YAG THG laser marker

Fine Spot Welder

  • Transistor-controlled welding power supply
  • Inverter-controlled welding power supply
  • AC controlled welding power supply / timer
  • Arc welding power supply
  • Weld checker / tester
  • Weld head


  • Wafer marking system
  • Inner glass markin system
  • Thin-film scribing system
  • Laser trimming system
  • Slider bonding system
  • Taping system