Ambitec GAM 30 V CUT PCB Separator

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  • Ambitec GAM 30 V CUT PCB Separator
  • Ambitec GAM 30 V CUT PCB Separator

Ambitec GAM 30 V CUT PCB Separator

Ambitec SMT Process Equipment

It is an ideal solution for smooth cutting of printed circuit boards. Its robust design ensures adequate pressure at the cutting edge to prevent damage to electronic circuit, solder points etc. The machine is equipped with sharp steel alloy blade which is corrosion resistant and has longer life and can be sharpened 7 and 10 times. It is also readily available and easy to replace.

Salient Features include: Touch panel with five route adjustments for quick change of PCB size settings. Pre-setting of cutting start and end point to control the cutting length.Easily configurable cutting parameters such as cutting speed, adjustable upper blade distance etc.; Upper blade can be adjustable between 0 and 2mm for PCBs of different thickness; Long life steel alloy blade; High frequency lighting to protect eyes and better illumination; Safety devices such as emergency stop to prevent danger to operators.

  • Firm structure be designed to prevent electronic circuit, solder point, and solder cutting area of PCB from damage by unsuitable force.
  • Effectivly reduce stress and prevent solder chap from PCB separation.
  • Unique material of blade, ensure the smooth cutting edge of PCB.
  • Touchable panel with five route adjustment be considered to fast change different size of PCB.
  • Equipped wiht a high frequency lighting to protect eyes and enhance efficiency for operating.
  • Strengthen safety device, prevent harm from operator.
  • PCB separating after SMT process.
Contrast of Separation Edge
Smooth Cutting Edge(by GAM 30) Coarse Cutting Edge(by hand)
By GAM 30 By Hand  
  • Blade, Light, Down Blade
【Cutting Capability】
  • Maximum Cutting Dimensions(mm):400×150
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness(mm):3.2

  • A:PC Board Cut Thickness(mm):1.0~3.2
  • B:Minimum V-CUT Size(mm):0.25
  • C:PC Board V-CUT Fillister Thickness(mm):0.3~0.8
  Blade Velocity(mm/sec) 150,250,350,500 mm/sec  
  Blade Route(mm/max) 400(change with the length chosen) mm/max  
  Blade Material Alloy Steel  
  Blade Trimming(mm) 0~2 mm  
  Down Material Board Trimming(mm) 0~50 mm  
  Normal Rated Power(W) 250 W  
  Back Shield Board Depth Trimming (mm) 0~150 mm  
  Power Supply(V) 110/220 V  
  Blade Size(mm) Diameter 150 mm  
  Down-Blade Size(mm) 460 mm  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View