Ambitec GAM 60 60A Solder Paste Mixer

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  • Ambitec GAM 60 60A Solder Paste Mixer

Ambitec GAM 60 60A Solder Paste Mixer

Ambitec SMT Process Equipment

It is a cream solder mixer with high capacity of solder paste mixing.It utilizes step mixing function to prepare optimal viscosity substrate under controlled temperature conditions. It exploits rotation/revolution technique for kneading of solder powder and flux and avoids aeration that can cause solder ball spattering. It takes care of the cold solder paste and brings it to normal temperature in few minutes. 

Its high capacity kneading process dramatically reduce operation time and contribute to stabilization of material quality as well as increasing yield rates.

Salient features include: Universal fixture which is suitable for all kind of commercial containers; precise time control operation from 6sec to 9.9min;user-friendly operation - Touch/LED panel for controlling the operation; buzzer sound on completion of cycle; low on maintenance, eliminates use of lubricants.

  • Well Mixing Capacity : GAM-60 solder paste mixer is equipped with powerful solder paste mixing capacity and can easily provide a well-mixed solder paste in the SMT procedure.
  • Flexibility : GAM-60 is equipped with general solder paste jig which fits various kinds of solder paste cans.
  • Precise Operation Time Control : GAM-60 is equipped with microprocessor and LED displayer. The time span is from 6 seconds to 9.9 minutes. A buzzer will sound when the time is up.
  • Low Maintenance : GAM-60 is almost free from lubricated maintenance. Cost saving operation.
Model GAM 60 GAM 60A
Arm Rotation Speed Approx. 400 RPM / MIN (WHEN LOADED
Solder Container 500g / 1000g Upto two containers can be loaded
Power Supply AC 110V / 220V, 60/50Hz
Construction Painted with epoxy based paint
Micro processer Capability Record former data by memory Revise data for saving in real time
Display & Alarm LED Digital Display Flash light with audio alarm
Kneading timer 0.1~9.9 Min
Operational Touch panel, easy operation
Holding ø 60min L 90mm ø 130min L 130mm
Noise Low noise operation
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 390×390×385 mm2 580×580×445 mm2
Weight 45Kg 65Kg