Carton Z1014E Trinocular Microscope

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  • Carton Z1014E Trinocular Microscope

Carton Z1014E Trinocular Microscope

Carton Optical Inspection Systems

The microscope has two eye pieces for high contrast specimen detailing and a third eye piece with a Z1014E CMOS image sensor to display real time images and video of the specimen under observation on PC screen connected via USB cable.

The Z1014E camera converts a normal trinocular microscope into "Digital Microscope" making it ideal for precise analysis over PC screen and increases the workability of the user.It comes with an easy to install, user friendly image processing software. A measuring software “C-Image” is also provided for measurement of parameters related to the specimen being observed.

Salient Features include: Modular design and robust structure; Body: Trinocular type 360°rotatable; Multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration; Wide Field Eyepiece with Diopter adjustment; Adjustable intraocular distance; Compatible with varied range of available lenses; High sensitivity; Compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/Win7/Win8/Mac/Linux; With measurement function comprising angle, length, square and etc.; Supports multi-camera working together.

The Z1014E is a CMOS camera to convert a normal microscope into "Digital Microscope". The CMOS camera features USB interface to connect with a PC so that the image enlarged by microscope can be seen, measured and saved in the PC easily. A measuring software "C-IMAGE" is provided as a standard accessory.
Option for Z1014E
Model EP25-C10/100
Calibration Scale 25mm dia., cross10/100mm for use with stereo microscopes
Standard Accessories
“C-IMAGE" Measuring Software Adapter for eyepiece tube
Operation System
Windows 2000 / Windows XP
CMOS size 1/4”
Valid pixel 640x480 (310K pixels)
Digital output 10-bit digital image signal data bus
Frame rate 30f/s (VGA)
Lowest Lux 1.2Lux
Exposure Manual/Auto exposure
SNR >44dB
Dynamic range >60dB
Interface USB1.1(compatible with USB2.0)
Image format 320x240, 640x480
Scanning Progessive
Working current 100mA
Consumable power +/-20°C
Replay lens 0.45x
Optional Accessories

Model MIC-56

WHITE LED RING ILLUMINATOR with non-step brightness adjustment
* 54 pcs. LED (light-emitting diode)
* Long life time
* Low temperature
* No change of color temperature
* Flicker-free