ELM LD2000 Automatic Label Dispenser

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  • ELM LD2000 Automatic Label Dispenser

ELM LD2000 Automatic Label Dispenser

ELM Packaging Solutions

LD 2000 is an automatic label dispenser. It is ideal for labels having a width of 57mm and has a small work area. This dispenser can peel labels with one hand in a speedy manner. The label can be of any shape or material. However, the labels must be in a roll. After the initial setting, once the Label Dispenser is ready, you do not have to make any adjustments going ahead. In addition to this model, Label Dispensers are also available in models LD 5100/5000 and LD 7000. Each of these models have different acceptable label types, width, height, and dispensing speed and length.

  • 57mm width, automatically peel label from its liner and advance
  • Capable label length : 6.4 to 76mm
  • Accepts label width : 6.4 to 57mm
Model No. LD2000 LD5100 / 5000 LD7000
Type of dispenser Label dispenser Label dispenser Label dispenser
Power 100,117,230V 100, 117, 230V 100, 117, 230V
Size 185x125x95mm 274x274x368mm 274x335x368mm
Weight 910g 4,760g 5,120g
Capital material Label Label Label
Max outside diameter 152mm 305mm 305mm
Acceptable Width 6.4 - 57mm 6.4(3.2) - 114mm (LD5000) 6.4 - 178mm
Dispensable length 6.4 - 76mm 12.7 - 178mm 12.7 - 178mm