Kilews Screw Counter

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  • Kilews Screw Counter

Kilews Screw Counter

Kilews screwing solutions

The Kilews Screw Counter is used with screwdriver to track the screw count. It is available in two variants: for Brushless Screwdriver SKP-BC32HL and for Brush Screwdriver SKP-C32HL. It enables setting the list of screw, count of screw, time to fasten the screw, output time, and auto-learn functionality. It has a Slow-Start function which sets the rotation speed and time of the screwdriver. It enables the screwdrivers to start at a very slow speed and then move to normal speed. It allows storing up to 5 sets of data, which can be used interchangeably at any time. It also displays the count of unfinished screw operations. Optionally connect an external sensor switch, which prevents errors during the fastening operation. It comes with an automatic and manual reset option to reset the screw count. It can be connected to an external PLC system.

 The Auto-Learn functionality enables operators to work in situations where the actual time for fastening is not known due to unknown screw lengths or unknown screwdriver rotation speeds.

External Dimensions
  • Facility to set Screw List, Screw Count, Screwing Time, Output Timing & Auto Learn function.
  • Slow-Start function is able to set rotation speed and timing. It allows electric screwdriver to start under very low speed and stop at a normal speed.
  • Selectable auto-reset retrieval or manual reset retrieval for setting up screw count.
  • 5 sets of data can be stored. All 5 sets of data are able to be used interchangeably at the same time.
  • Displaying the number of unfinished screw counts, user can add external sensor switch to prevent any operation error from neglect of fastening screws.
  • Enable to connect with external PLC system to streamline production line to integrate with PLC. 
    In order to resolve accurate counting on screw fastening and work together with PLC based process control system for electric screwdrivers, we integrate screw counter and power supply function into unique device which is a power supply itself and a screw counter as well. 
    SKD-C32HL adds an Auto-Learning Function which allows user to operate it under the circumstance of unknown screw length and electric screwdrivers’ rotation speed, or when user needs to fasten screws with slow-start function at the same time.
Model SKP-C32HL
Input Voltage AC-110V~240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage DC32V/20V15A
Count 1~99
Count method Count-up/Count-down
Work with Sensor ON/OFF
GATE Sensor ON(2Sensors)/OFF(1Sensor)
Slow-start time adiustable 0~9.9 seconds
Slow-start speed adjustable 60%~100% Rated Speed
Running Time limit-LO 0~9.9 seconds
Running Time limit-HI 0~9.9 seconds
NG alarm On/Off/FF/EF with LED and buzzer
OK alarm On/Off/FF/EF with LED and buzzer
External inputs Sensor/Reset
External outputs OK/NG/OK all
Screwdriver Control Speed : HI/LO : SLOW START
Outside Dimensions 150X48X130(mm)
Accessories Power cord X1; Suspension bail X2
Terminal Block X1