Electrolube SRI/SWA Cleaning Chemical

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  • Electrolube SRI/SWA Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube SRI/SWA Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube Thermal Management System

The Safewash (SWA) is market renowned superior water based electronic cleaner. It is generally used in remove organic residues (grease, flux etc.) and other ionic material from electronic sub-assemblies in minimum time. Also used prior to electroplating as a micro etching agent. The cleaner tends to replace use of ozone depleting chemicals.

The Saferinse (SRI) is a de-ionised water rinse designed to remove any contaminant from the PCB and gives a final rinse to ensure exceptional cleanliness of pcb.  It is not necessary but recommended to final rinse electronic subassemblies, after cleaning with Safewash water, to remove any solubilised residues or white streaking due to tap water impurities.


Salient Features include: Efficient cleaning of military and commercial electronics; Low odor; Low toxicity; Low flammability; Low volatile organic compound (VOC); Ideal for usage in cleaning tanks; High absorption of flux residues; RoHS Compliant; In portable container special valve allows use even in inverted configuration; Safe on most plastics, seals, PCB components, rubbers and elastomers; High flash point, reducing the risk of fire caused by flammable solvents ; Works efficiently at ambient temperatures (10°- 30°C ) but temperatures of up to 45°C may be employed if necessary



Safewash & Saferinse (Water based)

  • SWA in an aerosol formulation for bench cleaning PCBs
  • Removes fluxes from PCBs. May also be used to clean grease and general dirt
  • Fast, effective foaming action
  • Use Saferinse (SRI) after cleaning to give final polish
  • Biodegradable and 100% ozone friendly
  • An aqueous deionised solvent blend designed for rinsing electronic assemblies after cleaning with Safewash water based cleaning solutions.
  • SRI is recommended as a final rinse to remove any solubilised residues or tap water impurities after cleaning