Electrolube TCOR Thermal Management System

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  • Electrolube TCOR Thermal Management System

Electrolube TCOR Thermal Management System

Electrolube Thermal Management System

The Thermally Conductive Oxime RTV (TCOR) is a heat transfer paste, which provides very high thermal conductivity for exceptionally wide temperature range of -50°C to +230°C, while staying electrically insulating. The mixture cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture.It is so designed to inherit the qualities of silicon rubber pads and other heat transfer compounds, to provide very low thermal resistance path between electronic components and its heat sink, to ensure component workability and optimum heat dissipation in overheating situations.

This thermal interface material is developed from metal oxides/ceramic powders and designed for applications requiring large amount of heat to be dissipated efficiently, ensuring reliable thermal coupling.

Salient Features Include: Very high thermal conductivity: 1.8W/m.K; Exceptionally wide operating temperature range -50°C to +130°C; Remains flexible and elastic at high temperatures; Descent bond strength; Very low viscosity for ease of application; Easy to handle and economical; Low toxicity; Low odour RTV; Good chemical resistance; RoHS Compliant.


Thermally Conductive Oxime RTV


  • Solvent free low odour RTV.
  • High degree of thermal conductivity.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • It can be applied around components and power resistors to dissipate excess heat to heat sinks, avoiding any potential overheating and subsequent failures.
  • It can be used as a low bond strength adhesive, sealant or gasketing compound.
  • Moisture cure - releasing oxime upon cure.
  • Remains flexible and elastic at high temperatures.
  • Good chemical resistance.