Hakko FR 872 Soldering Accessories

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  • Hakko FR 872 Soldering Accessories

Hakko FR 872 Soldering Accessories

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

The HAKKO FR 872 is a preheater for large boards up to 330mm x 250mm.It has four heating zones. Each zone can be activated or deactivated individually. Only the activated areas are heated. This makes working on smaller boards and reworking on some smaller areas on large boards very comfortable. It has infrared carbon filaments to ensure efficient heating.It has various modes to ensure easy control of the heating temperature. It has adjustable guides that enable working with boards of different sizes.



New large-size preheater for large-size boards to make your job easier

Larger heating area for large-size boards

Larger heating area for large-size boards

Four-Zone heating area

The heating area has been split into four zones that can be independently activated, making it possible to heat all of the board or only necessary areas when reworking large boards or to turn off unnecessary areas when reworking small boards.

Four-Zone heating area

High efficiency carbon heater

New high efficiency heating elements increase preheat performance striking a balance to mitigate IR shadowing while reducing glare from full spectrum heaters.

High efficiency carbon heater

Four selectable modes to fit your process

Three selectable modes to fit your process

Adjustable board attachment guides

Board attachment guides can be adjusted easily to suit the size of the board.
Boards can be attached and removed easily after the guides have been adjusted to fit.

Adjustable board attachment guides


Model No.


Power consumption


Operation mode

Power mode, T/C mode
Auto power mode, auto T/C mode

Setting range : Power mode

0 to 100%

Setting range : T/C mode

50 to 200ºC

Setting range : Set time

0 to 999seconds

Heating element

High efficiency carbon heaater

Effective heated area


Heater area dimensions


Heater zone


Temperature sensor

K-type thermocouple

Heater lamp lifetime


Heater control

Power mode : Percentage-based system
T/C mode : PID control

External connections

Start signal input possible





* Weight (w/o cord)
* Lamp life is provided for reference purpose only and is not guaranteed.