Dispensing Valves

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  • Dispensing Valves

Dispensing Valves

Dispensing Valves include a wide range of models and valves that are available for dispensing liquids based on your requirement. These dispensing valves include valves, such as Diaphragm Valve, Plunger Pump, Mini Poppet Valve, Poppet Valve, Needle Valve, High volume Spool Valve, Cartridge Valve, Pinch tube valve , Jetting Valve and Spray Valve.They help you dispense liquids from low to high viscosity and volatility with ease and precision. With features, such as automated ON-OFF control, liquid flow rate, dispense cycles, shot sizes, and stroke adjustments they are a must have when it comes to precision and speed. These valves are available in both plastic and metal based on the nature of liquid and the pressure it requires.

Dispensing Valves



  • Suitable for low viscosity material (Reagent, solvent, instant adhesive, anaerobic bonds, flux, ink and electrolyte).
  • This is suitable for small scale dispensing delivering a consistent volume.
  •  Its polymeric dosing part is safe iin contact with chemical materials Specifications.
Air pressure more than 4.0 kgf/ cm3
Material supply pressure max 5.0 kgf/ cm3
Max. cycle more than 500 cycles/min
Valve structure Diaphragm valve
Material of driving port Body: AL2011/Piston: SUS303F  Piston Seal:- O- Ring(NBR)
Material of dosing port Valve Head: UHMW_ PE      Diaphragm: UHMW_ PE
Flux(KV value) 0.3l/min
Viscosity- 1~5000 cPs
Weight 76gf
Size 79.4(L) X Ø 27.0 2




  • Applicable for low to moderate viscosity material (Any flowable fluid) for microdispensing.
  • Suitable for precise micro dispensing.
  • Low incidence of drom formation even when a narrow needle is used.
  • Easy needle replacement.

Specifications--Taeha DV-200s

Air pressure More than 4.0 kgf / cm3
Material supply pressure Max 6.0 kgf/cm3
Max. cycle More than 400 cycles / min
Valve structure Needle valve
Material of driving port Body: AL/ Piston: SUS303            Piston Seal : O-Ring(NBR)
Material of dosing port

Chamber: SUS303/                                  Diaphragm:UHMW_PE                                                      Seal : Peak

Flux(KV value) 0.6l/min
Viscosity- 1-50,000 cPs
Weight 180gf
Size 95.0(L) X Ø27.0 3




  • Applicable for high viscosity material (RTV silicone, grease and epoxy)
  • Easy to change flow rate using the knob
  • Durable with unique seal design and easy to use for manual dispensing

Specifications-Taeha DV-200H

Air pressure more than 4.0 -60kgf/ cm3
Material supply pressure max 250 kgf/cm3
Max. cycle 400 cycles/min
Valve structure Needle valve
Material of driving port Body: AL2011/Piston: SUS303F                                     Piston Seal:- O- Ring(NBR)
Material of dosing port

Chamber:SUS303                                   Val;ve Seal -Teflon

Flux(KV value) 1.5 l/min
Viscosity- 1000~1,000,000cPs
Weight 217gf
Size 133.5(L) X Ø 25.0




  • Moderate~high viscosity materials.
  • Suitable for precise micro-dispensing.
  • Low incidence of drop formation.

Specifications-Taeha DV-30H

Air pressure more than 4.0 kgf/ cm3
Material supply pressure max 6.0 kgf/cm3
Max. cycle more than 300 cycles/min
Valve structure Mini poppet valve
Material of driving port Body: AL2011/Piston: SUS303F            Piston Seal:- O- Ring(NBR)
Material of dosing port

Chamber : SUS303                                 Rod: SU303 / Seal : UHMW_PE

Flux(KV value) 1.2 l/min
Viscosity- 1000~50,000cPs
Weight 82gf
Size 65.2(L) X 51.0(H) X Ø 23.0




It is a high pressure dispensing valve . It is an effective and economical solution for HPV-370

dispensing medium-high viscosity materials such as silicones, RTV and grease .


Structure Type Suck Back
Control Type Double Acting
Flow Adjustment Available
Operating air source Minimum 60 Psi(4.1 bar)
Valve body Aluminium
Material input pressure 2500Psi(Max)
Dimensions 30X 30X 145mm
Weight 408 gm

Connecting ports-

Material Inlet-

Material outlet


1/4" NPT  

1/4" NPT




Pinch Tube valve PTV 710 is a compact and cost effective valve for dispensing semi viscous materials,cynoacrylates,UV-cure adhesive and two component fluids. The only part of the valve that makes contact with the liquid is the low cost replaceable pinch tube assembly.


Operating Air Pressure 50Psi(3.4 bar) min.
Witted Parts polyethylene
Material Input Pressure 100 Psi(max)
Connecting Ports  
Operating Air input 1/4" tube adapter
Material inlet Luer Lock
Material Outlet Luer Lock


Spray Valve

TAEHA SDV-200 Spray valve with SVC-300 controller

Ultra fine spray system demonstrate a perfect combination of compressed air and fluid. Valve

Valve Features-

  • The valves are designed to spray a constant amount of low to moderate viscosity materials.sdv-200
  • Micro dispensing is possible without over spray or bounce back at low pressure and flow rate.
  • Spray pattern and width are adjustable.
  • Unique diaphragm structure and valve seat allow stability and durability
  • Based on the external mixing system, Micro particles are produced without nozzle clog.
  • Compact design is simple and space efficient.

Controller Features-

  • Exclusive software for spray valves
  • A graphic LCD screen (128 X 64 dot) is wide and convenient
  • Easy digital settings facilitate the standardization process
  • Multi functional (dispense & spray), depending on settings
  • Data storage function is useful for production management

Controller Specification-



Power AC220V, 50/60Hz
Air pressure Below 1MPa
Range of air pressure Spray: 0~0.7MPa    Valve: 0.4~0.6MPa
Range of driving time

Start, End time:- 0.01~9.99 sec

Valve driving time: 0.01 ~9.99 sec

Interval time- 0.01~999sec

Driving mode Timer mode/Steady mode/Interval mode
Spray input signal No voltage relay A
Spray End Signal open connector( DC 24V 100mA)
Power consumption 10 VA
Weight 3.7 Kg


Jetting Valve

TAEHA QV-30D Jetting Valve


  • Applicable for conformal coating, Flux, Grease, Silver Paste, Tuffy,UV, Epoxy underfill fluid and low~moderate viscosity material.
  • No need to control needle clearance in spray dispensing.
  • High speed and contactless valves drastically shorten dispensing time. 
  • Contactless valves lead to uniform and defect free dispensing result
  • Precision micro-dispensing is possible.
  • Unique valve structure Improve durability
  • Valves are easy to maintain


Driving Structure High speed switching
Viscosity 50~200,000 cPs
Dispensing volume 5ml
Dispensing time 2ms(min)
Frequency max. 300Hz
Supplying pressure max 8 kgf/cc
Driving pressure 5~8 kgf/cc
Temperature 5° C~200°C
Weight 712 gf
Accessories Cable (1.5m), Setting nozzle(1pcs),power cable(1m)
Option Heating unit, Haeter cable(1m), Noise reducing device
Needle QV No 1/ QV No. 2 / QV No. 3