Ebso EASY CUT300 300M PCB Depanelizer Router

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  • Ebso EASY CUT300 300M PCB Depanelizer Router

Ebso EASY CUT300 300M PCB Depanelizer Router

ESBO PCB Depanelizer and Router

The EasyCut provides an economical solution for efficient de-penalization/separation of pre-scored PCBs. The machine has a set of sharp high-speed steel circular blades, each of which is covered with guards to ensure safety of operator.

The lower blade is driven by a motor and the upper blade is quick adjustable for exact positioning between the two knives and the work piece. Multi-diameter blades can be easily mounted by removing a threaded holding disk from the main shaft.

The available range of PCB depanelizers include the EasyCut300 manual version and EasyCut300M motorized version

Salient Features

With its simple and robust design as well as two preset blade speeds for clean and smooth cutting, this equipment is highly portable. The blades can be re-grinded to use in order to minimize stress on work piece to avoid micro-cracks and PCB damage. Used as the guiding device of the "V-CUT" of the PCB and contains ball bearings for both easy setting of the PCB edge guides and easy setting of the height of the tabletop. The shape and size of the cutter can be customized and it is generally low on maintenance. The equipment uses high speed steel blades recommended for long life  and also, come with optional work support tables.

Manual or Motorized PCB Depanelizer For Boards up to 300 mm length
Motorized rotary cutter separator Splits up to 300 mm long PCBs
Motorized roller blades on roller blades benefit PCB separator was developed for the separation of PCB's. The lower circular blade is driven by a motor. An upper and lower blade guard protects the operator. The adjustable upper blade guard is to back up, so that only the components next to pass through the two circular blades. 2-speeds for best separation conditions. Adjustable upper circular blades for precise adjustment of the distance between the two knives. The guarantee of special steel-made circular blade and the associated diameter versions will give you a long life. And a hand operator version EasyCut300 as an inexpensive starter model for small requirements available. 

Dimensions 355 mm
190 mm
670 mm
Weight 20 kg
Connection 115/220 Volt
Thickness PCB 1.0 mm – 3.2 mm
Nicked channel 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm
Angle of nicked channel 25° to 30°