Electrolube SPG Contact Lubricants

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  • Electrolube SPG Contact Lubricants

Electrolube SPG Contact Lubricants

Electrolube Thermal Management System

The Special Plastic Compatible (SPC) is a renowned silicon free, synthetic contact lubricant which portrays unmatched compatibility with all plastics including ABS and Polycarbonates and metals. This lubricant is specially designed for application even in ultra-thin films, while staying electrically insulated to prevent tracking.It shows exceptionally good performance at low temperature applications and improves the workability and life of current carrying metal interfaces, including switches, connectors and busbars.

It has a neutral pH to resist any galvanic action over applied surfaces and therefore prevents corrosion. This makes maintenance easy and inexpensive. Its oil based synthetic version called SPGA reproduce “hard/tacky” adhesive characteristic which vastly improves its resistance to being squeezed out of the “contact zone”.

Salient Features Include: Silicon free; synthetic grease; Superior compatible with plastics and thermoplastics; Increases the life of switches; Better signal transmission; Effective contact lubrication at low temperatures; High viscosity: remains on applied surface even in vertical orientation; Ideal lubricant for plastic-plastic and metal-plastic assemblies; Excellent high performance lubricant; Low contact resistance; Better mechanical resistance; Neutral pH to avoid galvanic action (corrosion); RoHS-2 Compliant.


Special Plastic Grease

35ml syringe - 10Kg - 20Kg - 200 Ltr / 180Kg

Key Properties:
  • Synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature performance.
  • Excellent compatibility with thermoplastics, including ABS and Polycarbonate.
  • Effective lubrication of plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal contact surfaces.