Electrolube ULC Cleaning Chemical

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  • Electrolube ULC Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube ULC Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube Thermal Management System

The Ultraclens (ULC) is a superior ozone-free solvent for hard and efficient cleaning critical electro-mechanical assemblies. It is generally used in cold cleaning processes and in applications where use water based chemicals is not recommended.

The chemical has a low evaporation rate and high flashpoint making it ideal for usage in cleaning tanks. It may also be used in ultrasonic cleaning equipment for use with flammable liquids. A fiber bristle brush or foam tipped bud may be used to remove stubborn flux deposits.

It is compatible for use on plastics, seals, PCB components, rubbers and elastomers and is formulated to remove all types of greases, oils, dirt and acrylic conformal coatings.

Salient Features include: Efficient cleaning of heavy deposits; Low odor; Low toxicity; Low flammability; Low evaporation rate; Ideal for usage in cleaning tanks; Portable container special valve allows use even in inverted configuration; High flash point, reduces the risk of fire caused by flammable solvents; RoHS Compliant




200ml - 400ml - 1 Litre - 25 Litre - 5 Litre


  • Highly penetrating cleaning solvent for removing heavy deposits
  • Excellent cold cleaner for electronics and engineering
  • Offers low flammability and low odour
  • High flash point, reduces the risk of fire caused by flammable solvents
  • Ideal for stencil cleaning