Fisnar Dispensing Valves Selection Guide

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  • Fisnar Dispensing Valves Selection Guide

Fisnar Dispensing Valves Selection Guide

Fisnar Automated Liquid Dispensing

Fisnar Dispensing Valves include a wide range of models and valves that are available for dispensing liquids based on your requirement. These dispensing valves include valves, such as Diaphragm Valve, Plunger Pump, Mini Poppet Valve, Poppet Valve, Needle Mini Valve, Mini Spool Valve, Cartridge Valve, and Spray Valve.They help you dispense liquids from low to high viscosity and volatility with ease and precision. With features, such as automated ON-OFF control, liquid flow rate, dispense cycles, shot sizes, and stroke adjustments they are a must have when it comes to precision and speed. These valves are available in both plastic and metal based on the nature of liquid and the pressure it requires.

Diaphragm Valves



The VD510 is a diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials.  The diaphragm separates the wetted parts from the moving parts and, therefore, the valve is ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates, reagents, electrolytes, glues, solvents, paints, alcohol and other volatile substances.

3-Way Valve Operation
When air pressure is applied to the VD510 valve, the valve will open and the material will be dispensed. At the end of the dispense cycle a spring assists the diaphragm to return quickly to its closed state for immediate shut-off. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by turning the stroke adjustment at the top of the valve.

Pinch Tube Valve


Engineered for precise control of semi-viscous liquids including mixed two-part component fluids and cyanoacrylate. The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid being dispensed is the disposable pinch tube assembly.

3-Way Valve Operation
The 710PT-LF pinch tube valve provides an infinite degree of control for continuous micro-shot applications of low-to semi-viscous materials.

Automatically opening and pinching a molded polyethylene tube assembly achieves the "on/off" control.

The shot size or flow rate is determined by the degree of adjustment in releasing the closed (pinched) tube and by the valve control timer.

High Pressure Valves
Designed for dispensing high viscosity materials, these high pressure valves are can accept over 3,000 PSI of fluid pressure. The 790HPNM spool valve is engineered for high viscosity silicones and greases. The LV-0126NM-LF needle valve is suitable for small shots and beads of high viscosity. The valve is adjustable for shot size tuning.

Spray Valves

Fisnar Inc. Spray Valves are designed for dispensing urethane, paint, flux, and lubricants and for conformal coating applications. All spray valves are made of stainless steel and provide close tolerance spray dispensing. The spray nozzles are specially engineered to prevent material clogging and a stroke adjustment provides accurate dispensing.
Positive Displacement Valves
Positive displacement valves are available as either servo driven auger valves or peristaltic dispensing pumps. An auger valve is a servo motor driven valve suitable for dispensing high viscosity pastes. A peristaltic dispensing pump is a volumetric valve with an adjustable chamber for accurate deposits.

Poppet Valves

Poppet valves are multipurpose valves suitable for small shots and bead dispensing of medium or high viscosity fluids such as silicones, grease and paste. Poppet valves can dispense up to 300 times per minute and are developed with a suck-back feature to prevent post-dispense dripping.
Needle Mini Valve
A lightweight needle valve designed for hand-held dispensing of micro-shots and small beads of medium viscosity materials. The valve is available with stainless steel wetted chambers for UV cure dispensing, plastic chambers for anaerobic dispensing, or aluminum for dispensing silicones, grease and lubricants.