Fuji SMT Glue

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  • Fuji SMT Glue

Fuji SMT Glue

Fuji Chemical Products

Fuji SMT Glue is a thermo-setting epoxy adhesive that has the property of preservation stability and is      used for chip or SMD mounting machines. It has high heat-resistivity and excellent electrical properties.

It’s high curing temperature and longtime makes it excellent in micro printability with suitably high speed dispensers. This glue helps you obtain stable curing shapes without stringing and slumping at super high speed dispensing including pretty small dots.

Seal-glo NE series Adhesive for Chip Mounting Machines
Fuji, Japan developed "Seal-glo NE series" adhesives for chip or SMD mounting machines. These are onepart thermo-setting epoxy adhesives with the property of preservation stability, and are of 1 to 2 minute short time or high speed curability required for 120 to 150°C heat-given SMD packaging. Our principals are ready, in addition, to offer the adhesives of various grades with excellent micro printability or with suitability for highspeed dispensers.
  • Much lower temperature curing is practically performed.
  • Very good stable curing shapes without stringing and slumping at super high speed dispensing and pretty small dots.
  • Stable adhesive strength can be obtained with a variety of SMDs.
  • Long-term preservation stability is expected.
  • High heat-resistivity and excellent electrical property are possessed.
Recommended curing conditions
  • The recommended curing condition is; 60 sec. after PCB's surface temperature has reached 150°C or 90 sec. after the said temperature has come upto 120°C.
  • The higher curing temperature and the longer time can obtain the stronger adhesive strength.
  • It is suggested that an optimum series of curing conditions should be searched out, for the temperatures exerted on dispensed adhesive may occasionally vary according to the sizes, the lay-out, etc. of component parts to be mounted on PCB's.
  • On account of proper viscosity value and thixo ratio for screen printing, no spreading of printing patterns is likely to occur.
  • Being a single part adhesive, it has excellent stability against a long period of storage time.
  • Having high green strength, no skewing of chips under high speed mounting will take place.
NE 8800T
NE 3000S
Epoxy resin
Specific gravity
Viscocity at 25°C, 5rpm
300,000mPa • S(300,000cps)
390Pa • S(3 90,000cps)
38N(3 .9kgf)
Mini-mold tr
Electric property  
2.6×10 Ω. cm
1.8x10 Ω. cm
Volume resistance      
Insulation resistance      
Initial value  
1.0x1014Ω. cm
3.4x1014Ω. cm
After treating*  
1.2x10 12Ω. cm
2.1x10 32 Ω. cm
Dielectric constant  
3.8 (100KHz
Dielectric loss tangent  
0.027 (100KHz)
Preservation condition  
Keep in refrigerator between 2°C~10°C