Hakko 155 Trimmers Radial

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  • Hakko 155 Trimmers Radial

Hakko 155 Trimmers Radial

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

Hakko 155 is a lead cutter for radial components. It has a power consumption of 30W and has a maximum processing capacity of 15,000pcs/hr for 50 Hz and 18,000pcs/hr for 60Hz. In addition, to Hakko 155 this device also available in models Hakko 153 and 154. This device is extremely simple to use. You just have to set the taped components in place and then turn the handle. This system is ideal for tape-type components. The blade of this system is made to last long and to provide a smooth cut each time you cut the solder material. In addition, the sealed bearings improve the durability and the efficiency of the system.




Cutting for tape-type radial components and annealed copper lead wire
Easy to use - simply set the taped components in place and turn the handle. The super-sharp, high quality cutting blade allows you to cut all varieties of tape-type radial parts, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc. cleanly and smoothly. Continuous operation ensures faster, more efficient processing.
Sealed bearings make it long-lasting, durable and efficient.
The compact design allows you to place it virtually anywhere.

Square lead wire is not adapted.

Cutting Dimensions Cutting only



Model No.155-1155-2
Max.diameter of lead wire Φ0.8mm (MAX.)
Lead wire For annealed copper lead wire only
Max. processing part size Φ12.5×25mm (MAX.) Φ15×25mm (MAX.)
Feed hole pitch 12.7mm 15mm
Lead pitch 5.0mm,2.5mm 5.0mm
Min. processing size 1.5mm from taping end, 2.0mm from component end
Dimensions 110(W)×140(H)×125(D)mm
Weight 1.7kg

* When shipped, the unit is set for components with a lead pitch of 5.0mm.
* Square lead wire is not adapted.
* Weight (w/ handle, clamp)


Can be combined with the HAKKO 152B.
Model No.152B
Power consumption 30W
Max. processing capacity (w/HAKKO 153, 154) 50Hz:30,000pcs/hr
Max. processing capacity (w/HAKKO 155) 50Hz:15,000pcs/hr
Dimensions 430(W)×150(H)×140(D)mm
Weight 5.6kg