Hakko 373 Self Feeder

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  • Hakko 373 Self Feeder

Hakko 373 Self Feeder

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments
Hakko 373 Self Feeder is a device that helps the operator to concentrate on the soldering work. It has a power consumption of 6W. This device has a configurable solder feed and speed time that makes the soldering for the operator much easy. Also, the device can be connected to a soldering iron to enable the solder feed. The operator can perform solder operations with one hand, if using the tube unit. This device can be used with various soldering irons. In addition, the device also has an adjustable solder return function that reduces wastage of solder material.
Connected with a soldering iron, the HAKKO 373 enables automatic solder feed
Makes one-hand soldering possible (by using a tube unit)
Can be combined with your soldering irons
Feed time and speed are settable
With the return mechanism
The HAKKO 374 with anti-solder-balling function is also available. 

 Soldering with a feeder pen (pen-type feed guide) is also possible
With a feeder pen, soldering can be performed with both hands
· Automatic solder feed can be turned ON/OFF with a hand switch
· Your hands can be kept clean
· Reeling out of the solder wire is not necessary

Model No.


Power consumption


Solder feed time

0 to 7second

Solder feed speed

4.5 to 26mm/sec.

Solder feed quantity

0 to 182mm

Solder return quantity

0 to 5mm (Fixed speed)



Usable solder diameter

Φ0.6, Φ0.65, Φ0.8, Φ1.0, Φ1.2, Φ1.6mm

Usable solder quantity

1kg or less