Hakko Fr-701 Rework Station

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  • Hakko Fr-701 Rework Station

Hakko Fr-701 Rework Station

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

Hakko 701 is a soldering and desoldering system. It consists of a ceramic heating element and has a temperature range of 380 Degree Celsius to 480 Degree Celsius. It is a perfect option for dual mode operations. Due to its dual mode it utilizes minimum bench space so that you can use your bench space efficiently without working for the size of this equipment. You can also combine this system with N2 system to reduce soldering defects. You can easily replace nozzles in this device and use the ones that well known in the Hakko series.


Dual function rework station with FR-4101, 140W high power desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 2-in-1 unit for space saving

6 applications for a variety of soldering and desoldering works

Besides FR-4101, 140W desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 4 more applications are compatible with FR-701.
Tips (T18 and T19 series) and nozzles (N61 series) deliver excellent cost efficiency.


Desoldering gun

- 140 W high powers enable perfect desoldering for 

the components on multi-layer PWB.

- A wide selection of nozzle, with the addition of new types, 

is available for a variety of desoldering works.


Soldering iron M type

- Takes T18 tip series with improved thermal conductivity\


Soldering iron L type

N2 Soldering iron

One-hand Manual-solder-feed iron 

SMD hot tweezer


High-power Desoldering gun HAKKO FR-4101

Increasing the power to 140 W from 50 W of our previous models (HAKKO 474・475), it can make it easy to desolder on multi-layer PWB which was never an easy job, and it can also shorten the process time.
A wide selection of nozzle, with the addition of new types, is available for a variety of desoldering works.
- Long type nozzles for narrow space
- Oval shape nozzles for flat terminals
- SS type nozzles for micro land-patterns
High-power Desoldering gun HAKKO FR-4101

Soldering iron HAKKO FX-8801/FX-8805

Thermal conductivity has been increased by reviewing external configuration and internal structure of 900 tip series.
Now T18 and T19 tip series are selectable depend on work environment.
Soldering iron HAKKO FX-8801/FX-8805

N2 soldering iron HAKKO FX-8802

The N2 gas runs into the nozzle assembly and covers over the soldering tip. It prevents the soldering tip and the heater from being readily oxidized and performs great role as a preheating.
Two effects of N2 system, preventing oxidation or preheating effect, can improve soldering defects such as bridging, protrusion icicle, insufficient solder filling in PTH, etc.
T18 tips series are compatible with this application.
N2 soldering iron HAKKO FX-8802


Model No.


Power consumption






  • Station (Desoldering) 

Power consumption


Output voltage

AC 24V

Standard nozzle

1.0mm S type (No.N61-05)

Vacuum generator

Vacuum pump, double cylinder type

Vacuum pressure

80kPa (600mmHg)

Suction flow


Temperature range

330 to 450ºC

Total length

168mm(with 1.0mm S type nozzle)

Temperature stability

±5ºC at idle temperature

  • Soldering iron

Power consumption

65W (26V)

Output voltage

AC 26V

Temperature range

50 to 480ºC

Temperature stability

±1ºC at idle temperature (When set to 200 to 480ºC)

Tip to ground resistance


Tip to ground potential


Heating element

Ceramic heater

Standard nozzle

Shape-B (No.T18-B)

Cord length


Total length

222mm (with B tip)


52g (with B tip)