Kester Liquid Solder Flux

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  • Kester Liquid Solder Flux

Kester Liquid Solder Flux

Kester Solder Equipments

Lead-free wave and selective soldering systems require exposing the flux to slightly higher soldering temperatures. Lead-free alloys traditionally wet metal surfaces more slowly than tin-lead.  It can be used in applications where temperatures are very high. It is best suited in soldering of thicker assembly boards. It has a high preheat temperature of 150°C which ensures good hole fill capability. It can be safely used in rework applications. It is best suited for spray fluxing.It is RoHS compliant. Solder flux passes SIR testing in unheated state.


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Kester 985M is a low solids, halide-free, no-clean flux that is designed for wave solder, selective solder and touch up processes. 985M was developed for use with both traditional tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys. 985M exhibits improved soldering performance to minimize solder bridges (shorts) during all soldering operations. This flux is suitable for automotive, computer, telecommunications and other applications where reliability considerations are critical. As tested under J-STD-004A specifications 985M is classified Type ROL0.







Kester 979VT is a VOC-free, no-clean flux formulation for high quality, low-defect soldering of lead-free electronic circuit board assemblies. This flux’s finely tuned activation system offers the best wetting available in VOC-free liquid flux technology and the shiniest solder joints. 979VT also reduces micro-solderballing on glossy and matte laminates and between connector pins. 979VT will not attack properly cured solder masks or FR-4 Epoxy-Glass laminate. It has been specially formulated to accommodate needs of single sided board assemblers. 979VT leaves no haze or visible residue behind, including the white powdery residue associated with use of earlier no-clean formulas. The miniscule amount of non-visible residue that remains after soldering is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and does not need to be removed.







Kester 952-S is a zero-halogen, non-rosin organic flux designed specifically for use in tabber and stringer equipment of Photovoltaic Assembly (PV) module industry by soldering tabs to cell contacts. 952-S could be applied directly to interconnecting ribbon by hand soldering or auto-equipment with tabber and stringer soldering system, by dipping or spraying. The extremely low solids content (around 2%) and nature of the activator system results in practically no residue left on the cell after soldering. Cell are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the tabber and stringer machine. 952-S has a wider operating window varying with temperature range, and can be used in SnPb, SnAgPb and Pb-free alloys.







Kester NF372-TB is a zero-halogen, no-clean, low solids liquid flux designed to withstand long dwell times and high preheat temperatures needed in thick board assemblies. Sustained activity within the flux allows for good barrel fill in challenging applications, such as reflowed copper OSP boards or with difficult to solder components. NF372-TB residues are minimal, clear and non-tacky for improved cosmetics. NF372-TB is classified as ROL0 flux under IPC J-STD-004B.




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