KOKI Reflow System ECOR 4077NA – ECOR 4099NA

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  • KOKI Reflow System ECOR 4077NA – ECOR 4099NA

KOKI Reflow System ECOR 4077NA – ECOR 4099NA

Koki Automatic Soldering Eqiupment for PCBA

The KOKI ECOR 4077NA – ECOR 4099NA are reflow systems/ovens. It is used in reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components. It circulates heated gases in the heater like a tornado. This is called the Tornado circulation method. This ensures good circulation and less loss of heated air. The power consumption has been reduced by 40%. The oven has a very good sealing system which also reduces the consumption of N2. It has a very good mist collection system. The oven uses convection heating technique to endure uniform heating capacity. It has rail system with adjustable width which ensures that the rails are parallel even under high temperature. The PCBs are transported safely on these rails.

 All the main operations can be controlled by a computer. The oven has a cover which opens fully. This makes maintenance easy for the oven.

1. Advanced and Environment-friendly Mist Collection
Improved sealing performance of the oven is required for N2 outflux prevention and stable oxygen concentration, but it may often cause mist stagnation inside the oven and mist leakage on PCBs. This system collects mist in the heating zones by means of mist collection ducts placed between the two zones which have a big difference in temperature, and collects mist in the cooling zone by means of a mist collection duct and mist burning heaters. A mist collection box improves maintainability of this system.
2. Excellent Uniformly-heating Capability was realized by Even Convection Heating !
Highly uniform wind velocity realizes no generation of misalignment and skipping of 1005 chips, tall condensers and connectors. It is possible to increase wind velocity even when large components are mixed on PCBs and to achieve the minimum.
3. Conveyor Rail of High Precision
The transport conveyor is equipped with a newly designed width-adjustment unit to keep the rails parallel under a high temperature environment. This unit ensures durable and stable transport of PCBs.
4. Excellent Maintainability
The mist adhering to the cooling unit is collected after being melted by a unique heating system (when the machine stops).
5.Great Reduction of N2 Consumption
N 2consumption has been greatly reduced by improving 2 sealing performance of the oven, by adding a labyrinth part to it and by remodeling the mist