KOKI Spray Fluxer VIS 350

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  • KOKI Spray Fluxer VIS 350

KOKI Spray Fluxer VIS 350

Koki Automatic Soldering Eqiupment for PCBA

The KOKI VIS 350 is a spray fluxer used to spray flux from the underside of the PCB. This ensures that the top side of the PCB is not affected by the flux and water mists. It provides an even flux coating. The flux is sprayed from a shorter distance. This reduces the rebound of flux particles thus ensuring good coating efficiency. It results in less wastage of flux material. It has a sub-tank of flux. This allows changing of flux without stopping the machine. It has a LCD monitor where the X and Y dimensions of the spray area can be set. The monitor also displays error messages like flux empty, less air pressure, and so on. It has a pre-heater unit which heats the PCB before spraying the flux. This reduces the adhesion of water vapor to the PCBs by 30%, which ensures better soldering quality. With evaporation of water in the pre-heater, the flux fluidity is improved. 

1. Even flux coating has been realized.
A spray gun capable of ultra-low pressure infinitesimal coating and its high-speed oscillation controlled by a servo motor achieves even and uniform spray coating.
2. Greatly improved coating efficiency
Before coating(g)
After coating(g)
Adhesion amount(g)
Discharge amount(g)
Coating efficiency(%)
Flux spraying from ultra-close range has greatly improved coating efficiency and remarkably reduced mist dispersal and particle rebound outward from PCB, which also decreases maintenance frequency and flux usage.
3. Sub-tank Supply Control Structure
Flux sub-tank supply control structure enables us to replace flux without stopping the machine
4. Easy Condition Control
The spray area (X-Y dimensions) can be precisely set on the LCD monitor, and error messages (e.g. air pressure, flux empty, filter replacement, spray amount trouble) are shown there to simplify condition control on the line.
5. Preheating Unit (Option)
Preheating PCBs (at 60°C) right before VOC-free flux coating is very effective in improving soldering quality. 
  • Water vapor adhesion to PCBs is decreased by 30%, the interfacial tension becomes low, and solder wettability and uniformity are improved
  • Water evaporation in the pre-heater unit becomes fast and plastic fluidity in flux is improved.
  • The heat resistance pre-flux on PCBs becomes soft