Texwipe Specialty Wiper

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  • Texwipe Specialty Wiper

Texwipe Specialty Wiper

Texwipe Cleanroom Products for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Texwipe Specialty Wiper is a brand of cleanroom wipes designed to work in specific cleaning applications. The wipes are available under various brands. Each brand has its own set of unique qualities which are best suited for the specific cleaning application.

 The Absorbond® wipes are made of hydroentangled polyester. The wipes have good sorption, chemical tolerance, are non-abrasive and soft. They are used in the cleaning of low contaminated surfaces, components of optical grade, and in applications which require high sorption of alcohol and other solvents. The BetaWipe™ wipes are made of a composite of thermally bonded polypropylene and cellulose.  The wipes have good sorption and resistance to acids. They are used to clean acids, etchants and chemical spills, and also to clean and polish instruments. The FoamWipe™ wipes are made of polyurethane. The wipes are non-abrasive and soft. They are used with solvents and other cleaning chemicals to clean surfaces. The NuCotton® wipes made of cotton with a twill pattern. The wipes are used in high temperature applications and where cleaning is less critical. The TexWipe® wipes are made of long staple cotton with a double sided twill pattern.  The wipes are used in high temperature applications and in removing of spills in critical areas.


ITW Texwipe's continued development of cleanroom wipers has resulted in a family of specialty wipers for specific applications. These wipers are:

  • Absorbond ® : Soft, hydroentangled polyester wiper for optics
  • BetaWipe™: Composite wiper for acids, etchants, and chemical spills
  • FoamWipe™: Polyurethane foam wiper
  • TexSorb™: Polyester/polypropylene blended wiper for sorption
  • TexWipe® : Double-sided cotton twill

ITW Texwipe continues to work with industry leaders to develop new wipers, new services and new technology for contamination control.