Hakko LEAD FORMING 153 & 154 Trimmers Axial

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  • Hakko LEAD FORMING 153 & 154 Trimmers Axial
  • Hakko LEAD FORMING 153 & 154 Trimmers Axial

Hakko LEAD FORMING 153 & 154 Trimmers Axial

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

The HAKKO 153 and 154 are axial lead cutting and forming tools.It is best suited to work with axial taped components. The trimmers can be used for cutting and forming, or just cutting, or just forming the axial components. Good blade design ensures clean cuts. The bending length can be easily adjusted.It is operated manually with a handle. Optionally you can use the trimmers with HAKKO 152B, which is a motor drive. The drive enables automatic cutting and forming of axial components.It has a tray which collects the cut and formed components. This ensures that the components are not damaged during the cutting and forming operations.

Cutting and forming for tape-type axial components and annealed copper lead wire
Easy to use - simply set the taped components in place and turn the handle. Ideal for processing tape-type components.
Improved, longer-life cutting blade for a clean, smooth cut.
Sealed bearings for longer service life and greater durability and efficiency.
Can be used for forming and cutting, forming only, or cutting only.
  Square lead wire is not adapted.


Cutting and forming
HAKKO 153 Cutting and forming
Cutting and forming
HAKKO 154 Cutting and forming
HAKKO 153 Forming
HAKKO 154 Forming
HAKKO 153 �J�b�e�B���O�T�C�Y
HAKKO 154 �J�b�e�B���O�T�C�Y


  • Sealed ball bearings make the Hakko 153 and154 durable and efficient.
  • Wide adjustable bending length.
  • High quality cutting blade for a clean, smooth cut and long life.
Model No. 153-1 154-1
Forming size 5.6mm pitch 5mm pitch
Max.diameter of lead wire Φ0.8mm (MAX.) Φ0.5mm (MAX.)
Lead wire For annealed copper lead wire only
Outer width of tape 85mm (MAX.)
Taping pitch 5mm
Dimensions 125(W)×130(H)×110(D)mm
Weight 2kg


Can be combined with the HAKKO 152B.
Model No.152B
Power consumption 30W
Max. processing capacity (w/HAKKO 153, 154) 50Hz:30,000pcs/hr
Max. processing capacity (w/HAKKO 155) 50Hz:15,000pcs/hr
Dimensions 430(W)×150(H)×140(D)mm
Weight 5.6kg