Horb ESD Protective Wears

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  • Horb ESD Protective Wears

Horb ESD Protective Wears


The Horb ESD protective wears includes garments and accessories that control static during human interaction. ESD safe garments are made of fabrics which made from polyester and 4% of conductive fibers, and are woven in a square grid. These fabrics are used to make aprons, overcoats, caps, and lower garments. These apparels are stitched in standard Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. The garments are cleanroom safe as well. ESD safe gloves are made from conductive yarn which is spaced at 5mm to ensure dissipation of charge. The gloves are washable. The gloves can be used in 1000-10000 cleanroom.

 ESD safe wrist straps are used to ground a person to ensure no static buildup in their body. It is made of conductive fabric which is attached to a stainless steel plate or clamp. ESD safe shoe covers are available in two types: Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and non-woven. The standard shoe cover size is 15 X 36cm.   



Wrist Straps have become an essential part of any ESD safe environment. Such an essential part cannot be compensated. High grade long lasting wrist straps available only at SUMITRON.

Standard Colour Available : Blue
Standard Resistance           : 1M-ohm


Shoe covers are worn over outdoor shoes to prevent particles and dirt from contaminating a controlled environment. Two types of shoe covers are available: Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and Non-woven. The standard size is 15cm x 36cm


ESD safe clothing is made of Fabric consisting of Polyester and 4% conductive fibers in the form of square grid .The garment is normally used in the form of ESD caps,aprons,overcoat and lowers. The fabric is compatible in clean rooms as well. The apparel is stitched in standard sizes-Small S, Medium M, Large L and Extra Large XL.

The garments can also be custom made as per customer specifications incorporating pockets, logos to suit different requirements of the operators. Customers designs can also be catered too.


ESD Gloves are used in Electronic assembly where static charge is a concern. These ESD gloves are designed to work with static sensitive devices where bare hands are not desired. ESD gloves are suitable for class 1000-10,000 cleanroom environment. Conductive yarn is spaced every 5mm to dissipate a charge at a higher rate. Material is washable and gloves can be re-used.

RTT between two points is <107.

  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Medical device manufacturing