Sumitron ESD Safe Shielding Bag

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  • Sumitron ESD Safe Shielding Bag

Sumitron ESD Safe Shielding Bag

The Sumitron ESD safe shielding bags are used to package electronic components such as ICs, PCBs, and so on to protect them from static discharges. It follows the principle of Faraday Cage Effect of having metal layer to shield electronic devices from electrostatic discharges. The bag has a metal layer in between the Polyester and Polyethylene layers. It is made of four such layers, which ensures good protection from tears and punctures. The bags have the ESD warning symbol printed on them. The bags also have date codes printed on them for easy traceability to Quality Center (QC). 


Faraday Cage effect shielding protects electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. Durability is enhanced by positioning the metal layer between Polyester and Polyethylene. Four layer construction offers excellent protection from punctures and tears. Bags are printed with ESD Warning Symbol and date coded for QC traceability. Testable to industry standards. Available in various Sizes.