Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

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  • Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

The Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun is a melt glue gun which uses glue sticks of diameters between 11.5 to 18mm. It comes with a high capacity heating system.  It is best suited for very heavy industrial use where large areas need to be glued. It has a good handle design to ensure better grip. For comfortable working, the gun also has a stand. The gun has a very ergonomic design which reduces human fatigue.

 It has an internal temperature control system. Working with variable temperature settings is possible. This enables having different glue formulations in a single gun. It has a glue dispensing system which allows you to preset the amount of glue to be dispensed. This enables performing repetitive gluing operations with ease. The glue gun can be used with different types of nozzles.It is available in seven model types: HK-612, HK-615, HK-618, K-2550, AK-812, AK-815, and AK-818.



Model HK-612 HK-615 HK-618 K-2550 AK-812 AK-815 AK-818
Power 400W 450W 600W 400W 400W 450W 600W
Temp. Control Internal Internal Internal External Internal Internal Internal
Temp. Range 140-220°C 140-230°C 140-220°C 120-230°C 140-220°C 140-230°C 140-230°C
Operation Manual Manual Manual Manual Air-feeding Air-feeding Air-feeding
Pressure x x x x 3-7bar 3-7bar 3-7bar
Discharge Rate 1.5-1.8kg/hr 1.8-2.0kg/hr 2.0-2.5kg/hr 1.2-1.8kg/hr 1.5-1.8kg/hr 1.8-2.0kg/hr 2.0-2.5kg/hr
Net Weight 0.95kg 0.95kg 1.00kg 0.9kg 1.25kg 1.30kg 1.3kg
Glue Stick Size Ø11~12mm Ø14.3~15mm Ø18mm Ø14.3~15mm Ø11~12mm Ø14.3~15mm Ø18mm