Hakko FR 300 Desoldering Equipment

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  • Hakko FR 300 Desoldering Equipment
  • Hakko FR 300 Desoldering Equipment

Hakko FR 300 Desoldering Equipment

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

The HAKKO FR 300 is a very compact desoldering tool. It is used to remove solders. Good heat recovery rate enables lead free desoldering.It has power ON/OFF switch on the handle.It has an excellent nozzle replacement system. Cleaning and replacing the nozzle is possible even when the unit is hot.

It has preset temperature settings. Adjustable dial on the handle enables easy temperature control.LED indicators are used to indicate if heating is in progress. LED also used to indicate if the tool is idling at the preset temperature setting.

It has a holder for the nozzle. This ensures accident free operation while working with hot parts of the tool.



Handy Desoldering Tool
Four new features that increase workability and efficiency
 1. Quick Change Nozzle System provides speed and safety.
  The new Quick Change Nozzle System allows for a safer and simpler method to quickly remove nozzles for cleaning or replacement, even when the unit is hot.
  2. Dial control for easy temperature selection
The dial integrated into the handle makes it easy to adjust the temperature setting without the use of additional tools.
Setting 1 350Cº Setting 2 400Cº
Setting 3 450Cº Setting 4 500Cº
LED indicators let you easily see when the heater is active and idling at your temperature setting.
  3. Calculated weight balance
  Motor, pump, and temperature control circuit are optimally positioned within the body to ensure good balance when holding the gun.
  4. Integrated power switch
Locating the power switch on the handle makes it possible to turn the tool on and off with ease and does away with the hassle of having to remove the plug when you want to turn off the tool.


Includes simple iron holder and carrying case
  Prevents burns and accidents from hot parts.
  Comes with a carrying case for prompt storage after use.




Model No.


Power consumption

100V-98W (50/60Hz)
110V-122W (50/60Hz)
120V-140W (50/60Hz)
220V-105W (50/60Hz)
230V-118W (50/60Hz)
240V-130W (50/60Hz)

Temperature range

350 to 500ºC

Nozzle to ground resistance


Nozzle to ground potential


Vacuum generator

Diaphragm pump

Vacuum pressure

81kPa (610mmHg)

Suction flow


Heating element

Ceramic heater

Standard nozzle

Φ1.0mm (No. N50-04)