Hakko FT 710 Cleaner Soldering Accessories

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  • Hakko FT 710 Cleaner Soldering Accessories

Hakko FT 710 Cleaner Soldering Accessories

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

Hakko FT 710 Cleaner allows you to clean your soldering equipment efficiently. The encapsulated housing of FT 710 prevents the iron tip from splashing, which is significant cause of solder failure. In addition, it also prevents the soldering paste from entering in to the driver. For this, it uses two types of brushes for solder cleaning one is made of Resin (removes solder partially) and the other is made of metal (removes solder entirely). The tip temperature drops while cleaning eventually leading to high workability. This device is compatible with various HAKKO soldering irons and tips and is very easy to maintain

  • Prevents solder from splashing
  • Compatible with various HAKKO soldering irons and tips
  • Controls the amount of solder to be left on tips
  • Minimizes the drop of tip temperature
  • Easy to maintain
  • ESD safe (A ground wire is not included)
  • Silent design
  • Energy-saving specification with only 5W
  • power consumption (AC adapter type)
Model No. HAKKO FT-710
Motor Rating DC24V,50mA
Power Consumption 5W
Standby Power Consumption 0.6W
Dimensions 71(W) x 77(H) x 107(D)mm
Weight 450g
Brush Rotational Speed 2500rpm
Solder-splashing prevention
The encapsulated design prevents solder from splashing during tip cleaning, which could become significant cause of failure.
Because the housing is encapsulated, solder does not splash.
Compatible with various HAKKO soldering irons and tips
A suitable receptacle can be selected and the height can be adjusted according to the soldering iron and tip to be used.
Applicable table
Applicable table tip
Receptacle A
Receptacle B
Receptacle C
T12, T15, T11
T18, 900M, T14  
T10, T20, T13,T17    
  • This cleaner cannot be used for shape of 0.2JL, quad type, tunnel type, spatula type of the T12/T15 series.
  • There are some tips with dimensions that cannot be adjusted with the standard receptacles. In that case, please consult with Sumitron Engineer.
Easy to maintain
1.The metallic waste collector enables you to clean easily.In addition, the driving parts are isolated from other parts, which prevents solder waste from entering.
2.No tool required to replace cleaning brushes. Attachable & detachable with one-touch operation.


Minimizes decrease in temperature of the tip while cleaning.
  · Inserting the tip turns the brush automatically; no need to switch it on and off.
· Reduces the tip cleaning time between soldering works to increase work efficiency.
· The electric rotary cleaner provides a uniform final cleaning status with no differences between individuals.


  Comparison of decrease in tip temperature by cleaning method
  If decrease in temperature is small, the time for a single cleaning also becomes short. Because cleaning is performed many times per day, the overall working time can be also shortened.
  Time for single cleaning (The time for a single cleaning is measured as the time until the tip temperature reaches the set temperature after cleaning.)
HAKKO FT-710  Approx. 2.3 sec. (reference value)
Wire-type HAKKO 599B Approx. 2.9 sec. (reference value)
Cleaning sponge Approx. 6.0 sec. (reference value