Hakko 394 Soldering Accessories

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  • Hakko 394 Soldering Accessories

Hakko 394 Soldering Accessories

Hakko Soldering & Desodering Equipments

The HAKKO 394 is a battery operated pick-up tool.

It has a built-in vacuum pump for suction.

It is best suited to pick up small micro components of PCBs, ICs, such as resistors, capacitors, and so on.

It has continuous suction to ensure smooth handling of the micro components.

It has interchangeable accessories like pads and nozzles for different surface areas of components.

It can be operated with various batteries, such as, Alkaline, Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Hydrogen batteries. Two AAA size batteries power the pump.

It is made of antistatic material to ensure protection of micro components.



Cordless suction pick-up tool
Ultra-compact high powered pump eliminates need for a power cord and an air tube.
Continuous suction allows easy handling of objects.
Soft touch switch
Pen-type body is easy to fit into your hand.
Utilizes antistatic material
Nozzle with a stopper
· The stopper prevents the nozzle nib from shooting through the pad, damaging components, and causing suction failures.

 Intended works
Semiconductor-related works
Pick-up of SMDs
Surface mount PCB assembly
Conveyance of ICs


Contents of HAKKO 394 set
The pick-up tool is designed to suck up micro components used for PCBs, etc. and not to absorb dust. If used to absorb dust, it may become inoperable due to the clogging of filters mounted inside.


Specifications of pad
Material Electrically conductive silicone rubber
Heatproof temperature Approximately 150°C
Resistance value 104Ω to 106Ω
Indication of pad replacement When any crack or tear is found during a visual check, or objects cannot be sucked up effeciently


  Nozzle Single Use
Nozzle Applications
Part No. Name/Descripation Shape Stamped*
A1164 Bent nozzle /0.4mm
(OD 0.7mm)
Bent Nozzle 22 Chip resistors, other tiny components
A1198 Bent nozzle
(OD 0.5mm)
Bent Nozzle 25 Usable for 0603 chip
*Only these 2 shapes are avilable for single use.

  Use Nozzle with Pad
Part No. A1165 A1486
Name/ Description Bent nozzle /1.1mm Straight nozzle /1.1mm
1.65mm 1.65mm
Figure Bent Nozzle Straight Nozzle
Part No. A1166 A1312 A1167 A1311 A1166 A1312 A1167 A1311
Figure Pad Pad Pad Pad
Pick-up Performance 6g 40g 80g 120g 6g 40g 80g 120g
Set Examples
(using 392 as an example)
Set Example 1 Set Example 2 Set Example 3 Set Example 4

*The pick-up performance shown above slightly differs depending on the surface of the object.




Model No.394
Power supply Two size AAA batteries
Pad Conductive silicone rubber
Battery life Approx. 30,000suction cycles (with alkaline batteries)
Suction capacity 120gf (with padΦ10mm)
Dimensions 130(W)×29(H)×22(D)mm
Weight 43g

* Weight (w/o batteries, nozzle, pad)

Service life of battery
Pickup repetition limit *1 Continuous pickup time *2
Approx, 30,000 pickup times
( With alkaline batteries )
Approx, 15 hours
*1. 26 mm x 26 mm QFP is pickup for 2 seconds using a 10 mm dia pad and then released for 1 second. This cycle is repeated cominuously unit the QFP is no longer picked up.
*2. This is the time period from the moment 26 mm x 26 mm QFP starts being pickup using a 10 mm dia pad to the moment the QFP drops.