TOTECH SDV Series Vacuum Machines

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  • TOTECH SDV Series Vacuum Machines

TOTECH SDV Series Vacuum Machines


The Totech SDV series is a vacuum machine. It has sensors which enable good control of humidity and oxygen in the machine. It is a good storage and transport unit. It is best suited for storing and transportation of materials which are sensitive to moisture. The unit is safe and can be used in ESD areas. It enables you to set humidity and oxygen levels as programs in its memory. These programs ensure easy operation in case of repetitive vacuum settings in the unit.

It is available in five model types: SDV 26, SDV 36 basic, SDV 36, SDV 46 basic, and SDV 46. The models have different sizes. Depending on the size of the machine tray, the vacuum machine packs the seals and reels in conformance to the IPC norm Jedec 033B.


Z2000/ 3000 sensor control
Our sensor control is equipped with a vacuum sensor, and makes it possible to precisely set all important parameters. Humidity and oxygen content can be reduced and accurately controlled. 99 memory locations facilitate the repetition of your packaging results and ensure easy handling and operation.

ESD version
Our machines are equipped with an acrylic cover. All surfaces are coated with a dissipative material. 106 Ohm/sq, compliant with ESD standard NE 61340-5-1.

Protective glass
Optionally, a nitrogen unit may be installed to facilitate the packaging of materials which are vulnerable to oxidation or to pressure. The additional reductions of oxygen content and diffusion rate are ideal for long-term storage.

Sealing systems
Our high pressure sealing systems combined with our standard double welding system are ideal for the secure sealing of thick aluminium bags. Optionally, a top/bottom welding system may be recommended.

IPC conformity
Construction, quality and control system are based on the IPC regulations.








  • Internal dimensions

580 x 350 x 125 mm

  • 450 x 460 x 210 mm

450 x 460 x 210 mm

  • 650 x 475 x 210 mm

650 x 475 x 210 mm

  • Sealing bar

320 mm

  • 420 mm

420 mm

  • 460 mm

460 mm

  • Vacuum pump


  • 16 m3/h or 21 m3/h

16 m3/h or 21 m3/h

  • 16 m3/h

21 m3/h

  • Weight

60 kg

  • 69 kg or 72 kg

70 kg or 73 kg

  • 102 kg

105 kg

  • Connection

1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

  • 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

  • 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz