Tsutsumi IMPACIII TS-711 Controller

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  • Tsutsumi IMPACIII TS-711 Controller

Tsutsumi IMPACIII TS-711 Controller

Tsutsumi Automatic Soldering Equipments

The Tsutsumi IMPACIII TS-711 is an automatic controller for soldering.

It has a 32 bit micro-computer for controls. It reads and writes data using the RS-323C communication port. It enables registering of up to 31 soldering conditions. These conditions check for the length and end of the soldering wire, clogging of solder, temperature of soldering iron tip, and so on. In case of any problem, the controller stops the soldering operation and sends the error message to the output device.

 The solder length to be fed can be set from 0 to 99.9mm or 0 to 999mm. The solder feeding speed can be set from 0 to 99.9mm/sec. The soldering time can be set from 0 to 9.99sec or 0 to 999.9sec.

 Optionally use the computer software TSCOWin to manage the data required for soldering on a computer.





This is the controller of the easy operation type which attached our original temp. control program.

  •   IMPAC III /TS-711 is an automatic soldering controller unit developed in order to

            enable automatic point and slide soldering.

  • This controller, has 31 soldering conditions, includes checking function of solder wire

             end/shortage, solder clogging, temperature down of soldering iron tip and broken

             wire/disconnection of temperature sensor.

  •  When once irregularity happened, it stops soldering cycle operation and sends error outputsignal to external I/O and signal communication port.
  • Since the controller, FEEDER and IRON unit are all compact or separated each other,

             it is possible to make their layout and wiring efficiently.



・ 31 programmable conditions soldering controller.

・ Reading and writing data are possible via the communication port and also

     multi condition can operate by replacing data

・ One host PC can read and write programs of up t0 10 sets of IMPAC III

     (Optional interface TW-611 is required in this case).

・ Condition of cleaning can be set.

・ Solder wire feeding unit can be changed to 0.1mm or 1mm.

・ Timer set unit can be changed to 0.01sec or 0.1 sec.



・ Solder feeding

1. Solder wire can be supplied up to 99.9mm max. in length in 0.1mm unit.

2. Solder wire can be supplied up to 999mm max. in length in 1mm unit.

Either can be selected.

・ Heating timer

1. Heating time can be set up to 9.99sec max. in 0.01sec unit.

2. Heating time can be set up to 99.9sec max. in 0.1sec unit.

Either can be selected.

・ Temperature set of soldering tip

The temperature can be set between 0 °C and 500 °C (32°F~932°F) in 1 °C step.

As auto tuning function is integrated, the optimum P, I, D factor can be set

automatically to keep stable the set temperature for soldering iron tip.

・ Slide soldering

Additional “ACK” (signal to robot can be started), “Slide end” (signal can be stopped

solder feeding at any time) can operate slide soldering.

・ Communication (Multiplex communication)

It is possible to select one of 31 different soldering patterns and

soldering tip temperature setting by an external microcomputer through RS-232C.

(Optional TSCO is requested.)

And controller monitoring is also available by monitor command.


A setup serves as easy operation of inputting each numerical value.


The setting is an easy operation only of the input of each numerical value.