Tsutsumi MINIMAX II TX 821 Soldering Robot

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  • Tsutsumi MINIMAX II TX 821 Soldering Robot

Tsutsumi MINIMAX II TX 821 Soldering Robot

Tsutsumi Automatic Soldering Equipments

The Tsutsumi Minimax II TX-821 is a soldering robot used for point and slide soldering. The X, Y, and Z axis have 300X200X100 mm range of operation. It has an AC servo motor which is virtually maintenance free. It has a four axis tooling system.  Every axis has a ball screw for precise operation. A low speed movement of 0.1mm/sec can be set. A low speed ensures good stable slide soldering and also reduces the tact time. It has a 4-axis PTP control. It also has simultaneous 3-axis linear and circular interpolation motion. It has MAXEED TS-621 controller. 

 It enables registering of up to 48 soldering programs. 99 soldering conditions can be added. The computer software TSCOWin manages the data required for soldering on a computer. It has a large data storage capacity, up to 6000 program steps and 3000 positions of points can be stored.

 Optionally attach the “Solder Pre-heater” TW-210 accessory to ensure lead free soldering. The teaching pendant TTP-822 is also available as additional accessory.




Multiple-purpose Cartesian coordinate 4 axis tool


The range 300x200x100 (X, Y, Z-axis) of operation can be secured by standard specification, and it can respond also to a work with a height difference. Moreover, MINIMAX2 can be customized the range of operation by customer’s specification


AC servo motor was adopted as the drive motor, which realized to "Maintenance Free".


Each axis enables highly precise operation by ball screw use, and low-speed movement realizes 0.1 mm/s. It leads to the stability of slide soldering, and also tact time shortening.


The controller, such as "Solder Wire Pre-heater" which is an effective option for lead-free soldering., can be built in to three sets at most.


Since a tool mechanism part and a controller part are separable, it can change easily the way to in-line and cell production.


A tool part can perform a straight line and circle interpolation, and can respond to various slide soldering and point soldering.


The controller attaches various functions, "MAXEED". Of course, it is connectable also with soldering management software "TSCO".

Model No.


Power requirements

AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz 1.0KVA

Ambient temp. Humidity, Environment

0~40с(Non-condensing, no corrosive gas and no significant dust)

Air requirement

0.4~0.5MPa(4~5kgf/c㎡) Dry air

Movement method, No. of control axis

PTP, Total 4-axis control ( 3-axis simultaneous linear and circular interpolation)

Drive method

AC servomotor, Ball screw drive

Performance of each axis



Positioning repeatability

Max. speed

















Program capacity

48 Programs

Data capacity

Total program steps 6000steps, Total teaching points 3000positions

Teaching method

By Teaching pendant,TTP-822(Optional parts)
Direct teaching by jogging or MDI using Teaching Pendant.



Start, Stop, Emergency stop, Area-sensor, Door SW





Under operation, Solder error, Signal tower(Red, Yellow, Green),Buzzer



No. of Soldering conditions

99conditions. Free Program Method

Soldering motion

Point soldering or Slide soldering




(*)Teaching pendant/TTP-822 is Optional parts.


Optional Soldering Tips(ti 632 & Ti652)